The Analyzer

This site analyzes the privacy of your Internet connection and shows some of the information web sites can know about you when you visit.  The information can be used to display web content based on things such as country of origin and web browser.  Read a description of the tests (opens new window) Your IP address is: from United States (US) in North America
(Location comes from a database that lists where the addresses are issued)

Host name: (configured by your Internet provider)

Cookie Test Cookies are text files saved by your browser (A cookie can only be read by the web site that originally sent the cookie).

No Cookie from this site is on your system.

Your Browser Type and Operating System: 

CCBot/2.0 (

All information sent by your web browser when requesting this web page:

Content-Length: 0
Accept: text/html,application/xhtml xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
Accept-Encoding: x-gzip, gzip, deflate
User-Agent: CCBot/2.0 (

System Details:

Platform: Unknown
Win16: False
WinInstallerMinVer: 0

Browser Type and Version:

Browser: Generic crawler
Fullversion: 2.0
Gecko: False
Crawler: True
Authenticode Update: 0

Cookie Test:

Session cookies: Disabled
Permanent cookies: Disabled

Browser Security:

JavaScriptEnabled: False
VBScriptEnabled: False
JavaEnabled: False
ActiveXEnabled: False
SSL: False
Port Check for Ports 80,139,554,16771:
  Open Ports:
PopupsBlocked: False
ImagesEnabled: False
HighSecurity: False

Connection Details:

Proxy: False
CompressGZip: True
AOL: False
MSN: False

Display and Layout:

Width: 0
WidthAvail: 0
Height: 0
StyleSheets: False
PNG: False
FontSmoothing: False
FontColor: False
FontSize: False
Tables: False
TableBGColor: False
TableBGImage: False
ColorDepth: -1
Frames: False
IFrames: False
Background Sounds: False

Scripting Capabilities:

ActiveXControls: False
ActiveXEnabled: False
JavaScript: False
JavaScriptEnabled: False
JavaScriptVer: 0
VBScript: False
VBScriptEnabled: False
XML: False
XMLHttpRequest: False
DHTML : False
FileUpload: No
Channel Definition Format: False
MouseOver: False

Plugin Information:

Acrobat Plugin not detectable.
Authorware Plugin not detectable.
Citrix Plugin not detectable.
Crystal Reports Plugin not detectable.
Director (Shockwave) Plugin not detectable.
Flip4Mac Plugin Not Installed.
iPixViewer Plugin not detectable.
MapGuide Plugin not detectable.
QuickTime Plugin not detectable.
RealPlayer Plugin not detectable.
Silverlight Plugin not detectable.
SVGViewer Plugin not detectable.
Viewpoint Plugin not detectable.

Java Information:

JavaApplets: False
JavaEnabled: False

Wireless Device Information:

PDA: False
WAP: False
HDML: False

Locale Information:

Language: English
User Language:
System Language:
Time Zone Difference: -99
Browser Date and Time :

Browser Date and Time ms: -1

TraceRoute to []

Hop(ms)(ms)(ms)     IP AddressHost name
  Timed out   Timed out   Timed out        -  
  Timed out   Timed out   Timed out        -  
  19   19   Timed out   -  
  39   39   36   -  
  24   21   Timed out   -  
  Timed out   Timed out   Timed out        -  
  Timed out   Timed out   Timed out        -  
  Timed out   Timed out   Timed out        -  
  36   44   40   -  
10   36   36   36   -  
11   Timed out   Timed out   Timed out        -  
12   Timed out   Timed out   Timed out        -  
13   Timed out   Timed out   Timed out        -  
14   Timed out   Timed out   Timed out        -  
Trace aborted.